Monday, January 19, 2015

Out to Knolls

The last time I visited Knolls, some 20 years ago, there were still buildings there.  Empty and decaying, but there.  Now it’s all gone, except for some rubble, foundations and sidewalks.

Before the late 50’s or early 60’s, when I-80 was completed out there, it probably was a busy place.  Literally right off the Victory Highway, it was the last stop before dropping down onto the Slat Flats along the main east-west highway to San Francisco. 

When they built I-80, they left Knolls about 2 miles from the exit.  Delle, on the other hand, just 25 miles east of there is immediately off the exit and still exists.

Anyway, now there is a State ATV/Off Road Recreation Area there and I decided to check it out this weekend.  It cost $6.00 to get in, but has 36,000 acres of rocky hills, sand dunes and old river beds to explore.  I had a lot of fun and hope to coax the brothers to join me out there sometime soon.

Knolls, Utah.  Or at least where it used to be.
the sidewalk that was outside the gas station is still there.
From the backside.
What’s left of the islands for the gas pumps.
Not sure what this thing does, but it passed while I was hanging out at Knolls.
Up on the hill in the Knolls Recreation Area.
Trying to hide in the rocks.
The view from atop the hill.
Muddy lake bed that I crossed.  It was pretty easy to cross, although I knew I had to keep moving at all costs.  Stop and I would have been stuck.
View from the other side of the lake bed.
Sand dunes in the Knolls Recreation Area.
Climbing a sand dune.
And... I made it over the dune.
Dirty Jeep.
I found a big puddle to go through.

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Lisa Shafer said...

It looks like this weekend was definitely better than last!