Saturday, September 13, 2014

Another one bites the dust.

At the beginning of this year I had 5 cars.  My daily driver Wrangler and 4 old collector Fords.  Back in April I sold the rusted out, but well running, ‘72 LTD 2-door hardtop for about $500.

Today I sold the ‘70 Convertible LTD for a lot less than I wanted.  But alas, as they say, something is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay and you’re willing to sell it for.

I’ve had it on KSL for over 3 months and had about 4 people come to look at it.  I knew it needed a lot of restoration to bring it back to beautiful, but I learned of some new problems along the way.  The floor pans where the back seat passengers put their feet were rusted out, and the front ones were getting there.

Thursday a guy came by and looked at it and made me an offer I felt comfortable with.  Mainly because I realized there aren’t that many people out there that want an old LTD that needs a lot of restoring.  And I’m pretty sure it went to a good home.  He and his lady-friend were here for a while looking at it and we had some great conversation during that time.  About cars.  They are car people too, and he had even found this blog and commented about my 59 cars.

Anyhow, it’s gone.  I can pay off one of my credit cards and even get the canvas doors for the Jeep, and it went to a good home.

So, I’m left with the new Wrangler, Old Blue (‘69 LTD 4-door hardtop) and Alphonse, the ‘78 Mercury Marquis 4-door.

No, since I have room to garage all 3, I’m not planning on getting rid of any of them.


Lisa Shafer said...

Ah, the convertible? Sniff. That's too bad. :(

Max Sartin said...

Yeah, I know. But I figured that not being able to fix it up, it was as useful to me sitting in the garage as it is sold. And I have the money and know that someone is going to be fixing it up and getting it going again. That's better than being a garage paper-weight.

Lisa Shafer said...

Yeah. But it's kinda like a funeral for an old friend. You might believe it's gone to a better place, but you don't get to see it anymore.