Monday, March 03, 2014

Big mistake.

Yeah, you park in the back of the building where no kid goes during the school day, and few otherwise.

So you park up against the building and between two large vehicles.

I know they’re a pain to take off and to put back on.

But still, I would never leave the “For Sale” signs (with your phone number) on the car you drive to the Junior High you teach at.

Never again, that is.

The sad thing is I actually did think about it, but for some reason believed my phone number was safe back there.  In my defense, it did take them almost 2 weeks before the first kid noticed.

Now I just have to sell the Jeep and wait until the novelty of having your teacher ignore your phone calls wears off.

And never again bring a car to school that had my phone number on it.


Lisa Shafer said...

Oh, dear. You didn't, did you?
What WERE you thinking?
Having a First Year Teacher moment?

I am sorry.

Max Sartin said...

Either that or lazy, East-side complacency.