Sunday, March 09, 2008

I went to a garden party to reminisce with my old friends

We had a 30th Birthday party for my niece Lynda today. Dad was there. Julia (my wicked step-mother) Raffi (my half-brother). My older brother, Marijke (his wife), younger brother (good thing, 'cause it was at his house), Rachel (his wife). Lynda's husband and her sisters, her kids and of course Danny's kids. And the African kid that my dad and Julia are helping through college here. Yeah, I probably didn't have to list everybody, but once I got started I didn't want to leave anyone out. Anyhoo, we had a great time. Good food and good company. Anything better? I'm sitting on the couch with my dad, chatting, and he glances over at Lynda and then looks at me and says "I can't believe I have a 30 year old granddaughter." Anyways, before I get into a big "where did the time go" whine-fest, let's just say that there is no decade of my life that sticks out as the best, or the worst, each one has been equally valuable to me. Yeah, I miss some of the things I could do in my 20's. Stay up all night, work 12 hours, go home, party all night and then do it all over again. But I didn't own a house that is my home, at least one car that is reliable and have a stable job that I love. If the next 40 is going to be as enjoyable as the last 40(+), then bring 'em on..........
(oh, the picture is my older brother and his wife, when she was pregnant with her first, my neice that just turned 30. I entered it in a Salt Lake Tribune Photo Contest and won an Honorable Mention. She was about 8 months pregnant and tossing the football around in the back yard with Alex.)


A Paperback Writer said...

Great. Now you've got me humming the song.
"... if memories are all I sing, I might as well drive a truck/ but it's all right now; I learned my lesson well/ You can't please everyone so you gotta please yourself."

Max said...

Ok, from now on I'll just title my posts "Monday, March 10, 2008" or something equally monotone. Nah, too boring, have to go with "Post #342". Yeah. =Not gonna happen=