Monday, December 29, 2014

Somebody should have paid better attention in English class…

I was reading stuff on the Jeep forum today and came across this question:

I took my jeep to the dealer ship to get looked at because it was shaking and my whole jeep would shake but I was wondering would death wobble make me shake even at a stop I hit bumps all the time and I never shake like what what some people are experiencing and went mudding recently and radiator fan has mud all over it would that my make jeep shake Im all out of answer Ive searched so much and have come up with nothing and the dealer ship doesn't do shit it's under warranty but if I have to I'll learn and fix it my self.

At least I think it’s a question.  Or maybe a statement.  Or maybe a little bit of both.  I don’t know, I’m not an English teacher.  But even a math teacher can tell this is a literary atrocity.


Lisa Shafer said...

Welcome to my life. This is how half of the seventh graders at our school write -- and a fair portion of their parents as well.

My favorite part is the "dealer ship." I'm visualizing a pirate ship whereon the deal has a load of stolen Jeeps for sale (and sail) on the black market. :)

Alexia said...