Sunday, November 02, 2014

Just under the wire, again.

Yeah, another week that I waited until the last minute for my entry to:

This week’s theme is “Round and round”, and I immediately thought of the Spiral Jetty on the Great Salt Lake.

Utah has an odd collection of unusual art.  There’s Gilgal Gardens, the Tree of Utah (below) and the Spiral Jetty.  That I know of.

The Spiral Jetty was built in 1970 by artist Robert Smithson.  It is 1,500 feet long from the shore to the center , sticking out into the Great Salt Lake, and depending on the water level, has gone from completely covered with water, to completely landlocked. 

The spirals are wide enough that two people can walk on it side-by-side.

Between the spirals, when not filled with water, is a slushy mix of mud and salt that is hard to walk on, and will immediately eat away all the metal rivets on your shoes.


Lisa Shafer said...

Great shots. Of course, I was there when you took the Jetty shots, so I've seen them before. Still, they look great. :)

Gilly's Camera said...

Oh My Goodnes....SERIOUSLY wonderful. thank you so much for sharing!

( oh yeah and it's totally round and round...)

Bob Scotney said...

I'd grab my camera should I ever see a spiral jetty like that. Super!

Max Sartin said...

well, if any of you ever get out here to Utah, I'll take you there.