Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

The back of some stranger’s head.  How many of you were out shopping today and that was your view as you stood in line waiting to get  and/or pay for your must-have, 20% off, limited supply Christmas presents?

I decided to avoid all the hoopla and headed up to the family land instead.  This is what I was looking at all day:

Much better than anything you can see at Wal*Mart.


Lisa Shafer said...

Very nice. Whose horses?

I did spend a couple of hours walking the trails at the nearly-deserted Red Butte Garden. :) That still beats walmart.

Karen S. said...

If you check out my post of today, you'll see how I spent it! Hehehe! I'd sure spend Black Friday at anyone of these lovely spots!

Max Sartin said...

The horses were just out in a field down by the Strawberry River. No signs to indicate who they belonged to.

Lisa Shafer said...

Oh. Thanks for explaining.