Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This beats that little remote control car.....

I watched them move one of the I-80 bridges across 13th east tonight. I was out in the convertible around 10 pm and saw that 13th was diverted into the Shopko parking lot, so decided to see what was going on. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera along, because they were moving one of those huge bridge peices. The weird thing is that they were moving it from the west, towards where I thought they go, over to the east side of 13th, where they are building them. Who knows what the reason was, but it was almost like they had grabbed the wrong bridge and had to bring it back to swap it. I could be wrong. Anyway, it is an awesome sight. I'd been watching it from the time is came around behind the Red Lobster, it was cruising it's way north bound when I noticed something really, well, funny, and really wished I had my camera. Now, picture a bridge. The width of 3 freeway lanes and a long as it needs to be to get across a 2 lane city street. Huge, heavy, a shitload of concrete, rebar and I beams. Underneath it are what look like huge legos with wheels. They're at least 10 feet tall, 6 or so feet wide, long enough to span the length of the bridge and there are 3 rows of them. (my stats may not be completely accurate, I wasn't allowed out there to measure, they had us standing a good distance away, and it was an hour and a half ago.) Anyway, massive. And I look at the front of the bridge, down by the wheels, about 10 feet in front. There's a guy with a little remote control box, wired to the wheels, and as I watch I realize he's driving the damn thing. Just like one of those cheapo remote control cars we had as kids, except it's the size of a house.
At least I figured out how they get the bridges across 13th east - up the westbound off ramp and then down the westbound on ramp. I wonder how you'd report a collision between a bridge and the Red Lobster to your insurance company?

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