Sunday, May 18, 2014

Didja hear?

President Obama and the US Congress were run out of office on Friday.  Yeah, by “10 to 30 million like-minded Americans.”

Retired Col. Harry Riley called it the Second American Revolution, where at least 10 million people descended on Washington D.C. determined to clog the city until the present administration resigned and left office.

You didn’t hear about it?  Well, of course not.

Because much like Harold Camping’s apocalyptic predictions of 1994 and May & October of 2011, this Second American Revolution was an abject failure.

Reports on Saturday had the attendance somewhere around 500.  No, no, no, not 500 million.  Just a plain and simple 500.  Half of a thousand, which is 5 hundred-thousandths of the minimum prediction.

Let’s see; 500 ÷ 10,000,000 … mmmm, move the decimal over two. Hey, that’s .005%, or 5 thousandths of a percent of the backing good ol’ Harry thought he had.

Now, much like Camping’s end of the world (hey; Harold Camping, Harry Riley. mmmmm) Riley would not admit how much of a failure his prediction was.  No, no, no.  The latest news is that this whole “Operation American Spring” was conjured up by the liberal left to make the Teabillys look bad.

Ha, like they need any help!


Lisa Shafer said...

I hadn't heard of this.
Teabillies? Did you make up the name? I like it. :)

American Spring -- makes me think of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. But, you know, she was one of them doggone liberal environmentalists, so Teabillies won't know about her either.

Max Sartin said...

Nah, I wish I could take credit for Teabillys, but somebody else came up with it.

Lisa Shafer said...

Gold star to them. :)